How to install Swift and Vapor on Ubuntu 20.04

This blog post just talk about how to install Swift and Vapor on Ubuntu 20.04.

Let's install Swift first,

  1. Install some dependencies including clang and Python components
sudo apt install clang libpython2.7 libpython2.7-dev

2. Download Swift  for Ubuntu 20.04 from [Download Swift](,  the latest Swift version is 5.7.3 as of now,


3. After downloading Swift, extract the zip file

tar xzf swift-5.7.3-RELEASE-ubuntu20.04.tar.gz

4. Add Swift path to system PATH environment variable,  in my case, the Swift path is /var/www/swift-5.7.3-RELEASE-ubuntu20.04

echo "export PATH=/var/www/swift-5.7.3-RELEASE-ubuntu20.04/usr/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc
source ~/.bashrc

5. To make sure everything works, run the Swift command

swift -v

and you should see something like below,

Swift version 5.7.3 (swift-5.7.3-RELEASE)

Welcome to Swift!


  swift build      Build Swift packages
  swift package    Create and work on packages
  swift run        Run a program from a package
  swift test       Run package tests
  swift repl       Experiment with Swift code interactively

  Use `swift --help` for descriptions of available options and flags.

  Use `swift help <subcommand>` for more information about a subcommand.

If you have Swift installed, let's install Vapor Toolbox.

git clone
cd toolbox
git checkout <desired version>
make install

If the make is not installed, you have to run the below command first,

apt install make

Now check the installation was successful by printing help

vapor --help

And you should see something like below,

Usage: vapor <command>

Vapor Toolbox (Server-side Swift web framework)

       build Builds an app in the console.
       clean Cleans temporary files.
      heroku Commands for working with Heroku.
         new Generates a new app.
         run Runs an app from the console.
             Equivalent to `swift run Run`.
             The --enable-test-discovery flag is automatically set if needed.
  supervisor Commands for working with supervisord.
       xcode Opens an app in Xcode.

Use `vapor <command> [--help,-h]` for more information on a command.

Hope it helps,


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