iAd App Network Discontinued

I got one mail from Apple two days ago saying that the iAd App Network and related advertising services will be discontinued on June 30, 2016.

I have one app that is using iAd, so I guess that's why I got the mail. So I just removed the iAd.Framework classes from the project and resubmit the app.

Here is some information from iAd support page,

Updating Your App
Apps that have implemented the deprecated iAd.Framework classes should not crash solely because of the deprecation. On your next regular app update or submission, you should remove the iAd framework and connection.

The following Classes and their APIs in the iAd SDK are being deprecated:

  • ADBannerView
  • ADInterstitialAd
  • UIViewController (iAdAdditions)
  • AVPlayerViewController (iAdPreroll)
  • MPMoviePlayerController (iAdPreroll)
  • ADBannerViewDelegate
  • ADInterstitialAdDelegate

More details are here.

Hope this helps,

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