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Watch​Kit Learning Resources

WatchKit是Apple发布的用来开发Apple Watch应用的框架,本文主要列出一些关于WatchKit的学习资源。 Apple官方推出的Apple Watch Programming Guide WatchKit Development Tips Apple Watch Human Interface Guidelines Raywenderlich的WatchKit Tutorial watchOS 2 Tutorial Part 1: Getting Started watchOS 2 Tutorial Part 2: Tables WatchKit Introduction: Building a Simple Guess Game Coding explorer: WatchKit Tutorial Tutsplus: WatchKit Tutorial Kristina Thai’s WatchKit tutorial WatchKit


Xcode 6 Simulator Folder

本文主要介绍一下Xcode 6的iOS模拟器的应用目录的变化。 Xcode 5的iOS模拟器的应用的目录是在~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/<iOS_Version>/Applications/{Application_ID} Xcode 6的目录改为~/Library/Developer/CoreSimulator/Devices/{Device_ID}/data/Containers/Bundle/Application/{Application_ID}/ 这里的Device_ID和Application_ID都是一串UUID,如果想查找不同的模拟器对应的Device_ID,可以通过在Terminal执行命令xcrun simctl list,如下图所示 iOS模拟器的管理工具SimPholders2也针对此变动进行了更新。 Hope this helps, Michael


Swift Learning Resources

Swift是Apple在今年的WWDC推出的一门新的编程语言,它的1.0版本跟着Xcode 6正式发布了。本文主要列出一些关于Swift的学习资源。 Apple官方推出的iBook The Swift Programming Language web版 The Swift Programming Language Using Swift with Cocoa and Objective-C Swift Programming Books WWDC关于Swift的Session Introduction to Swift Intermediate Swift Advanced Swift Apple官方的关于Swift的Blog Swift Blog Blog on Swift.org Raywenderlich的Swift tutorials Swift Cheat Sheet and Quick Reference Swift Open Source

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